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On The Brink


There is no sadder tale to be told in the Savannah than that of the rhino...especially here in South Africa.

$1,000,000 plus.

That is the bounty this mature Black Rhino carries on his head...and he knows it.

What we witnessed on this day is extraordinarily rare, for to expose yourself to the open here is to court death.

“This is the best Black Rhino sighting I have had in 15 years guiding The Kruger!!! They never show themselves!!”, my guide exclaimed.

His excitement genuine.

“And those birds on his back are the certificate of authenticity. They’re called oxpeckers and you’ll only see them on animals in the wild.”

And just as quickly as he had given us a glimpse he turned, disappearing back into the bush...but not before a look.

Can you see it in his gaze?

There’s a call for help and to the best of our abilities we will answer it.

We owe him...them...the wild things, at least that much.

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