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Steve's passion for photography extends from 30 years of adventure.

An accomplished hunter and conservation advocate, the camera has long since replaced a bow and arrow, but the thrill of the chase still abounds. 


Documenting adventure is not new to Steve. He has also written two books and produced three films about his experiences. One documents the first-ever run around Lake Michigan, a 40 day, 1,037 mile adventure that raised over $30,000 for cancer charities entitled "40 days". The second titled "Upside Down in the Yukon River" details Steve's nearly life-ending attempt at the Yukon River Quest by kayak. 

Steve has also co-produced, with his great friend David Mable, the documentary "1,000 Miles to Nome". It is a story of four athletes (Steve being one of them) taking on the 1,000 mile Iditarod trail in the dead of winter. 

Traveling from far ends of the planet in search of the wild things freezing those moments in time for others to enjoy is now the mission. 

If you choose you #ownacannon someday, you will not only hang a beautiful, limited edition gallery quality piece in your home but you will also help support conservation groups during the good work on the ground.  

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What Steve has been up to:

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