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Bunyenyeri is the second Silverback in the Umubano family.


He calls Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda home.


The place is a conservation success story rising from the ashes of genocide and war.


I travelled half way around the world for this amazing Gorilla.


Out of the dense jungle…suddenly, there he was.


50…40…30 meters.


Sitting on the jungle floor to gain the proper low angle were I blessed with an opportunity to shoot…My voice low, I questioned my safety.


Bunyenyeri is a massive Silverback. 


He stinks of power.


“Am I ok?” I asked my guide “Is this safe?”


“You’re fine,” he whispered.


“Stay calm, no sudden movements.”


30 meters…20….10…


Looking through the camera he was in my lap.


My heart pounded.


He paused.




The shot I had travelled around the planet for.



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