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Kila La Kheri Mfalme

All Hail The King

There are perhaps 24 Big Tuskers left in the world.

Let that sink in please.


45kg or 100 pounds.

That is what it takes to be a BIG Tusker.

Each tusk must make this weight for it to qualify.

Why you ask, are there just 24 that remain?


$25,000. More once carved, is the value of a single super tusk.

In places like Amboselli and Tsavo there is hope. Conservation programs and great efforts by anti poaching units are working.

There are well over 30 young bulls now with potential to walk in their father’s difficult to fill, footsteps.

There was no Tusker more famous than Amboselli’s “Tim”. Do yourself a favor and Google “Big Tusker Tim.” His story is incredible.

Sadly, after a full long life he just recently passed.

His nephew now is king.

His name is Craig.

“All Hail The King”.

10% of every purchase of this Fine Art piece will go to further the great work on the ground in places like Tsavo and Amboselli.

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