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Heart Of The West

From the soul…thru his eyes…the unbridled spirit of the wild west is revealed.

All prints will be signed and numbered.

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Measuring nearly 7 foot tall at the tip of it’s massive hump and weighing well over a ton, there is no animal that better tells the story of the American West.






To look into his eyes is to feel them all.


Casting your gaze across the plains.

Bison by the thousands.

Now, on the move.

Can you feel the earth tremble?

The oil lamps of the sod cabin clankety clanking as dust falls ceiling to floor.

Their power on full display.

Our vulnerability revealed.

They remind us of a wild, untamed west and stir something in us that perhaps yearns for a bit more of that in our own lives.

We have shown them the worst of ourselves and somehow they mirror back what can be the best of ourselves.





Heart Of The West.

  • Other Sizes
    Looking for the same piece in a different size? All prints are also offered in custom sizes with our unique Silver Patina frame. Please inquire about a print to begin the process.
  • Shipping
    Once you purchase your print, please allow between 1-4 weeks for your print to arrive. You will be notified when your print has been shipped.
  • Returns
    All sales final. No returns available of purchased prints.
  • Framing
    We recommend visiting your local frame shop to frame your Steve Cannon print.
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