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Come Back

Come Back is available in two sizes.

All prints will be signed and numbered.

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Come Back


It struck me as Mother and Baby Elephant made their way to a far off destination known only to them, my privilege.


It was my last day in Tsavo East, one of the finest places to view elephants on the planet.


The realization hit me with the weight of those giant and yet somehow gentle feet … I will, most likely, never see these two again.


It focused my attention to the moment all the more.


It was not enough to simply see, point and click.

My work done, I placed the camera down onto the dry, cracked dirt and took it all in…sight, smell, feel…the sun, the breeze, the trumpeting of those elephants still in the water hole.

Nothing in this life is guaranteed.

We are wise to be in every moment as much as we are capable for the only guarantee is that this moment will give way to the next and so on and so on and if not careful they will simply pass us by.


With each step my mind called out to the Mother and her beautiful baby…”Come back, please Come back.”


Disappearing into the horizon’s mirage, a sadness fell over me and then a deep gratitude.


For an all too brief moment, I had been a part of their journey … and now … so are you.

  • Other Sizes
    Looking for the same piece in a different size? All prints are also offered in custom sizes with our unique Silver Patina frame. Please inquire about a print to begin the process.
  • Shipping
    Once you purchase your print, please allow between 1-4 weeks for your print to arrive. You will be notified when your print has been shipped.
  • Returns
    All sales final. No returns available of purchased prints.
  • Framing
    We recommend visiting your local frame shop to frame your Steve Cannon print.
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