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Into My Soul

Into My Soul



On the advice of a new friend met while walking the streets of Pagosa Springs, Colorado...a wonderful man, quite the image of the western cowboy, aged white handle bar mustache, sun-drenched mostly white cowboy hat, a gifted photographer and kind soul, I made my way back into Mesa Verde National Park.


He’d told me of an area, if lucky, I might find wild horses...just the thought of which, stirred my soul for yet unknown reasons. I left for the park that same afternoon...


His head swung left, mane dancing in the wind, and this horse, having never known the bridle nor the bit, as wild today as all those who roamed here before him, turned and looked, straight...

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Each finished piece is custom to your wall space. If you are interested, please submit a Print Inquiry. Once that is complete, we will provide you with a custom mockup of what the piece might look like in your space. To learn more, visit The Process.

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