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Duma Ndugu
  • Duma Ndugu

    Cheetah Brothers



    Price based on recommended sizing of 60" x 84"


    Cheetah’s are typically solo hunters, relying on stealth, speed and the element of surprise to bring down their prey.


    They are limited by their size as to what they can and cannot take down.


    Here, in the Maasai Mara North Conservancy, the scales have been tipped.


    As the sun began to rise, darkness giving way to light, my Maasai guide Steve Liaram, spotted them sneaking not far to the west of the dirt road we were traveling.


    His ability to spot wildlife is unparalleled. It took a few moments for me to get eyes on them.


    Two cheetahs.




    Each finished piece is custom to your wall space. If you are interested, please submit a Print Inquiry. Once that is complete, we will provide you with a custom mockup of what the piece might look like in your space. To learn more, visit The Process.

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