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The Twins


For almost a week we had watched them.

Each day from somewhere beyond our gaze they would make the slow, methodical walk from their overnight stay to the waterhole near camp in Tsavo East.

There were as many as eight different trails, a couple more heavily littered with dung, that they traveled frequently, and most likely their ancestors had as well.

Perhaps a half hour or so past sun up we saw the two giants from afar.

Shooting remotely is a 1 in 25 proposition at best.

One must make a best guess of EXACTLY where the animals will pass, then another under what light conditions, in this case, a half hour later. Then back far enough away that IF the elephants pass by the needle in the haystack (the remote camera), they will do so nice and relaxed.

The payoff?

An ultra-low, extremely close (10 meters) perspective that would never be available, or safe, were you to be in that same position camera in hand.

You be the judge. How’d we do?

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