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An exclusive collaboration benefiting GG Conservation

Three Kings_v2h [SKY].heic

Three Kings

Samburu, Shenzi, and Shomba

Three Kings limited edition commemorative print is available until September 25. 

Your signed and numbered print will ship by October 15.

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About the piece







All are son to King Smokey and rightful heirs to the throne.


A palpable aura of royalty surrounds them.


Their early morning roars announce the dawn of a new day and as the sun breaks the mountains to the east, they prepare themselves to be counted.


The “Golden Hour” is upon us.


Thought merely to be a photographic term.


At this moment, so much more.

$200 of each print sold goes to benefit the Pyometra Prevention Veterinarian Fund at GG Conservation.

It is the time the creator has set aside for the king of all beasts to be recognized and fully appreciated.


Their manes, regal.


Their eyes, a glow. 


Posture, perfect.


The trumpets sound.


And on the morning breeze of South Africa, I hear…


“All Hail!!!”


“I present to you,


Samburu, Shenzis, and Shomba”


“The Three Kings”


Watch more videos like this on social media @ggconservation

About the collaboration

GG Conservation


“To love, protect and serve the magnificent lions in our care”


This is the Mission Statement of GG Conservation.


In 1902 the last two wild lions were hunted down and killed on the Platberg mountains of South Africa.


100 years later, in 2002, the first lions were introduced into Glen Gariff.


in 2015 Glen Garriff was established as a non-profit organization and later a lion sanctuary where lions in their care can live out the rest of their lives with dignity and in safety.


70 magnificent male and female lions are currently under their care.


I recently had the privilege of spending time there with the visionary owner and true South African legend, Pat Shannon.


I am forever changed from my time with Pat and the lions of GG Conservation and I'm now dedicated to helping these magnificent creatures through the sale of a once-a-year limited edition commemorative print series as well as other items we are excited about.


The costs of maintaining the enclosures, feeding and the veterinary health of these lions exceeds R200,000 per month (app. $10,000 US dollars). GG Conservation relies on donations and to a large degree the Shannon family’s
self-funding to cover these costs.


To walk among the queens and kings of Glen Gariff, to fall asleep and be woken up through the night by the roars of these beasts, to feel their roars literally rattle

your bones is to be alive in a way that no other creature. I have trained my lens on, could provide.


A part of my heart stayed there when I left and a piece of them now lives within me. I will do all I can to preserve and perhaps, more importantly, share them and this place with the world.


I hope, once you spend some time with these images and videos you too will be moved as I was and join me in making a difference in the lives of the Kings and Queens of Glen Gariff Conservation.

~ Steve Cannon

  • Other Sizes
    Looking for the same piece in a different size? All prints are also offered in custom sizes with our unique Silver Patina frame. Please inquire about a print to begin the process.
  • Shipping
    Once you purchase your print, please allow between 1-4 weeks for your print to arrive. You will be notified when your print has been shipped.
  • Returns
    All sales final. No returns available of purchased prints.
  • Framing
    We recommend visiting your local frame shop to frame your Steve Cannon print.
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