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Into My Soul

On the advice of a new friend met while walking the streets of Pagosa Springs, Colorado...a wonderful man, quite the image of the western cowboy, aged white handle bar mustache, sun-drenched mostly white cowboy hat, a gifted photographer and kind soul, I made my way back into Mesa Verde National Park. He’d told me of an area, if lucky, I might find wild horses...just the thought of which, stirred my soul for yet unknown reasons. I left for the park that same afternoon. Traveling as slow as possible thru the 3 miles, wildfire burnt-out stretch, I yearned for some oddity in the landscape that might signal a wild horse. Coming to the end of the section a Y in the road presented itself. Left or Right? Little did I know the gravitas of the pending decision. Left, I decided...or perhaps it had already been decided for me. A slight bend to the right after taking said left and there he was ... maybe 25 meters from the road! Pulling just a bit forward, heart racing and camera at the ready, as slowly as able, I circled behind the bus hoping for a worthy shot of the magnificent mustang. He and his companion, of which I had not seen moments earlier had ambled away, seemingly headed, albeit slowly, in a mostly straight line North. Making my best guess, hustling up the road and out into the burnt-out landscape, I sat down hoping my instincts had put me in position. Perhaps 200 meters away, due south, movement caught my eye. They were headed straight towards me. He led the way, his off colored mare in tow. Perhaps catching my scent, he began to circle a bit wide...but still closer...150 meters, 100, 75, now 50, seemingly not caring or oblivious to my position and then, nostrils flared to fully take in the sight and smell of this visitor, he stopped. Camera focused, trigger finger at the ready and the next few seconds became an eternity. Time disappeared. His head swung left, mane dancing in the wind, and this horse, having never known the bridle nor the bit, as wild today as all those who roamed here before him, turned and looked, straight ... “Into My Soul”


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