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Kifo Kizuri

It is a favorite movie of mine.

Legends of the Fall starring Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt.

Tristan (Brad Pitt’s character) is a wild, troubled soul seeking thru all ways, some quite destructive, to find himself and in turn, hopefully, some peace.

My parents divorced when I was 11.

Innocence shattered.

I too, since that day have traveled many roads…many destructive…with little regard for self or those that loved me.

Alcohol was my medicine. A medicine that nearly ended me.

Thankfully, by some miracle, actually by a series of many miracles, I’m still here, now leading a life full of health, happiness, love, gratitude and adventure.

It was during during Legends of the Fall, an Indian who had taken Tristan under his wing, spoke of “A Good Death”.

Without ruining the ending for some of you, Tristan eventually found it.

As the Lion emerged from the gently blowing grasses that had concealed his presence, my finger at the ready, lens trained on the beautiful beast as he continued closer and closer, that I thought, if this were, today or any other day, how it ends for me…

It would indeed be “Kifo Kizuri.”

A Good Death


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